Cake Pricing

Tiered Wedding Cakes
Includes 3 cake layers, 2 fillings finished with buttercream decorations
$4.50 per slice
$1.00 extra per slice if fondant, modeling chocolate or marzipan is used
$1.00 extra per slice if sugar work or chocolate work is used

Centerpiece Cakes
8" round or square cakes with 2 cake layers, 1 filling and finished with buttercream decorations
$30.00 per cake

Everyday Cakes
Round or square cakes include 2 cake layers, 1 filling and finished with buttercream decorations
Check out our Signature Cake Menu to select a cake flavor!
6" (About 8 portions): $18.00
8" (About 16 portions): $36.00
10" (About 24 portions): $54.00

Specialty Tortes
Cakes layered with various fillings and multiple components.
All cakes are exotic or classical combinations with our own twist!
Check out our Specialty Torte Menu!
6" (About 8 portions): $24.00
8" (About 16 portions): $48.00
10" (About 24 portions): $72.00

Cake Pops
Decadent cake balls on a stick, these are perfect 2 bite dessert option!
Each pop is wrapped with food safe cellophane wrapper and
sealed with a coordinating commercial grade safety seal.
$2.75 each

Petit Fours
1 bite mini cakes includes 2 cake layers, 1 filling and our signature white chocolate or dark chocolate glaze
$15.00 for 1 dozen minimum order

Bundt Cakes

A Minnesota classic, each bundt cake includes our signature glaze or icing

2" Mini Bundt Cakes (one dozen): $15.50 each
Individual Bundt Cakes: $3.50 each
10" Standard Bundt Cakes: $16.50

"Naked" Cakes
4 cake layers, 3 fillings...that's it! No decorations, fancy frills,
piping or fo-fo stuff...BUT what you do get is the Perfect, rustic cake for your special day!
6" (About 18 portions): $36.00
8" (About 25 portions): $50.00
10" (About 30 portions): $60.00

Miniature Wedding Cakes/ Individual Cakes

Individual cakes with a 4" base tiered with a 2" cake and finished with buttercream decorations.
$9.00 each
Fondant, modeling chocolate or marzipan is an additional $0.50 each
(Minimum order of 25 is required)
Individual 2.5" single tiered cakes are also available at $3.75 each

Half Sheet Cakes
Single Sheet Cake: Includes 1 cake layer and finished with buttercream decorations
48 -2" x 2" portions: $75.00
Double Sheet Cake: Includes 2 cake layers and finished with buttercream decorations
64- 1" x 3" portions: $95.00
Fondant, modeling chocolate, or marzipan additions are $0.50 extra per portion

2D Sculpted Cakes
Sculpted cakes with the use of internal supports and hand crafted cake artistry.
$7.50 per portion

3D Sculpted Cakes
Custom cake sculptures with a custom support, cake artistry and a 360 degree viewing profile!
$8.50 per portion

Cupcakes/Pull-Apart Cupcake Cakes
Mini Cupcakes: $1.15 Each
Standard Cupcakes: $2.50 Each
Jumbo Cupcakes: $3.50 Each
Fillings are $0.50 for each standard cupcakes or
$0.75 for each jumbo cupcakes
Cupcake liners in white or natural kraft are included with the price
Colored cupcake liners are an additional $0.15 each
Cupcake wrappers are $1.00 extra per wrapped cupcake
Edible printed images are $0.75 extra per cupcake

**Please note that prices mentioned above do not include tax or service requirements. 

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Sugar-Free, Nut-Free, Soy-Free and other dietary requests are available and may require additional charges. 

Depending on decoration elements, an artistry design fee may be required, which is charged on an hourly basis. 

Edible images are available and require additional printing fees.

General Cake Portioning

                                                                    Square Cakes
  6": About 12 Portions     
  8": About 16 Portions     
10": About 30 Portions     
12": About 48 Portions    
14": About 56 Portions    
16": About 64 Portions    

Round Cakes
  6": About 18 Portions
  8": About 25 Portions
10": About 30 Portions
12": About 55 Portions
14": About 61 Portions
16": About 75 Portions

(Cake portions are approximate slices for tiered wedding cakes and may fluctuate)

Please contact us for final prices.

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