Company Information

GANACHE: DESSERTS AND CONFECTIONS is devoted to serving fresh confections made from high quality chocolate, fresh, natural or organic ingredients, sustainable produce from local farms, and using exotic flavors to enhance your chocolate tasting experience. 

By using high quality chocolate from around the world, you are able to experience full flavors, the aroma, and sensual tones of smooth, melt in your mouth chocolate. 

 All confections are made from natural and/or organic resources to enhance your truffle experience. As a chocolate company, we promise to always deliver the freshest ingredients to each and every product.

There are many unique flavors available. If there are certain flavors that you would like for your event which in not mentioned in our Signature Truffle Collection, GANACHE can create a custom chocolate confection for you. There are hundreds of shapes, colors, different packaging options, ribbons, tags and charms currently available to help you customize your party favors. Also available are solid chocolates, hollow chocolates, and chocolate bars/ plaques. For custom molds, please contact GANACHE for more information. 

Using local dairy products, produce and other sustainable agriculture is one of our constant goals as a company. We strive to support local farms in Minnesota though all aspects in our confections. 

 Food coloring is never used in creating truffle fillings. In the event coloring agents are needed for decorations or fillings due to client requests, all food colors are made from all-natural coloring agents.

Due to the nature of corn syrup and the possible affect it has on individuals, GANACHE is devoted to create confections to accommodate these individuals. All of our confections are made with either glucose, local honey, molasses, or a natural inverted sugar like the ones mentioned to prevent crystallization in the final product, making all confections smooth, palatable, and consumable to all individuals. 

All confections are made by Chocolatier and Owner, Kevin Lindee. With precise attention to every detail, quality, taste, mouth feel, and the overall final product, Kevin carefully oversees the quality of his products to achieve perfection while bringing new flavors and exciting ideas to his confections. To better serve you, GANACHE: TRUFFLES FOR EVERY OCCASION, LLC is licensed and insured.

Our Mission 

To serve the freshest confections and truffles possible, to make every occasion special through the art of chocolate and pastries, to support local and sustainable agriculture, to provide an experience through food which is soothing, sensual, and memorable, to deliver a high quality product, and to incorporate exotic specialty products that enhances your tasting experience. 

Our Products and Services

GANACHE: DESSERTS AND CONFECTIONS not only creates amazing confections, but we are your dessert marketplace! We are a full service dessert caterer able to craft custom desserts, unique buffets, international sweets and traditional creations. All of our pastries and desserts are made fresh to order, completely customized for you! We offer a variety of flavors and will also commission a flavor profile just for you! From elaborate dessert buffets to dessert stations, cupcakes to plated desserts, the possibilities are endless! 

We offer a variety of products for clients who require vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free options, nut-free products, fruit allergies or other personal sensitivities. GANACHE: DESSERTS AND CONFECTIONS is not a 100% food allergy free establishment, which includes but not limited to: nuts, tree nuts, berries, gluten products, dairy, and soy. However, we take every precaution to ensure that all of our items are handled with extreme care. We respect each of our clients' possible allergies and/or sensitivities. For other specific allergies, please contact us for special requests. 


Cakes are made to order and we strive to have the freshest product available using all natural and/or organic ingredients. If using cupcakes, there are different sizes available as well as different designs of paper cups. Because of personal ethics, we will rarely use food coloring baked in our cakes. If there is a specific design or color, we will match the client’s theme using all natural food coloring agents. 


Our Signature Cake Menu includes recommended flavor profiles of cakes and fillings. We welcome the ability to select different flavor combinations from the menu for different tiers of your cake or have some/all be the same. If there is a flavor profile that you would love to include in your cake that in not on our menu, you can customize your cake with flavors and fillings while using the professional opinion of GANACHE. We will do everything in our pastry knowledge to combine client flavor profiles together and will recommend other complementary options as well. Ultimately, it is your special event; however the overall taste of the cake not only services you, the client, but also to your guests, which is the responsibility of GANACHE.


Different types of cake coverings include ganache, fondant, marzipan, chocolate paste and a variety of flavors of buttercream. Flavors and colors of cake coverings can be decided upon consultation. If a color is needed for any cake coverings, we will match the client’s theme using all natural food coloring agents. 


 In the case of using fresh flowers, GANACHE will put the flowers on the items without an additional fee. We require the contact information of the florist that you are using incase flowers are not at the reception. This is to ensure a contact is available to inquire where they are. If using silk, satin, paper or other types of decoration on the cake besides pre-designed elements, GANACHE will place them on the cake. Please place the items on the cake table so we know what you would like on your cake. 

Ordering Requirements

If you are hosting an event or purchasing any items that you would like GANACHE to create for you, please place your order at least one week (7 days) before your event to allow GANACHE the ability to order specialty materials, prepare and produce your items. We take pride in our products and will give our full attention to every detail. We appreciate your business and will create it just for you! For orders placed within one week, there is an additional production fee of 10% of your order per day late. This fee applies for all events, products, and services that GANACHE provides.

GANACHE does not require a minimum order regarding price. However, for item amounts, if you are interested in cupcakes, we ask that you have a minimum of one dozen cupcakes per flavor. More items and multiple flavors are welcome for your order. 


Delivery and setup is included for all items within the Twin Cities area within 15 miles from our kitchen (Coon Rapids, MN) for 100 people or more. For events fewer than 100 people, a flat delivery charge of $10.00 will be applied with a possible mileage charge depending on location. A delivery fee for all pastry items outside the metro is based on mileage round trip at $0.65 per mile. We will travel out of state to deliver the items, but charges will apply accordingly. When delivering the products to the event (depending on traffic, construction, timing, weight and other personal doubts, etc.), we will have the items assembled when we leave our kitchen, or will assemble the items on site.

If you would like GANACHE to assist in reception service by means of cake cutting, plating, serving to guests, restocking of dessert buffet items, and complete clean up, we are able to provide a team of professionals to assist in service. Depending on type of service, the number of personnel required for event may fluctuate. Service is charged by a flat rate of $20.00-$30.00 per hour per person from the start of the reception until full clean up and packaging of leftover desserts is complete. A separate invoice may be required to fulfill service fee requirement. 


If you are interested in having GANACHE make your cakes, cupcakes, desserts and/or truffles, we can book your party within 15 months or even 7 days. We require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total estimate at least 6 weeks in advanced before the event and will give one week before the event for final payment. Some exceptions may apply. However, there are times when payment is absolutely required before items can be produced. If the client cancels, payment will be returned depending on how close to the event except the deposit (within 4 weeks: 50%, within 2 weeks: 25%, and within 1 week: No refund). If you postpone your event, we will allow one (1) full year from the first event to use my services without extra charge. Changes to ordered items are available 2 weeks before event takes place free of charge. Any changes during the 1 week before the event may require additional fees depending on products, regardless of decreasing numbers. Final payment is due prior to delivery of items. GANACHE accepts cash, checks, money orders and credit card transactions. All credit card transactions require a 3% processing fee. All terms are subject to change. Please review this information for any changes to terms and/or contact GANACHE if a change in services occurs. 

For nutritional information or specific ingredient allergies, please contact us for more information!

We would love to be considered your dessert vendor for your upcoming event!

Contact us and we can create a custom proposal for you!

Office Phone: 763-913-2929